Drum kit wall art

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These wall kit drum art canvases are perfect for the drummer or just the ordinary music-loving person who would like to spice up their room with this awesome piece. These canvases are guaranteed to make your room stand out and these canvases are perfect combined with other retro decorations or as a stand-alone piece! We've made sure to supply these in as many different sizes as possible so that it is sure to fit in every room!

All canvases are printed on canvas with waterproof ink. Frames are not included, however, these can be found rather cheap at your local store.

These canvases are packed and rolled in foam to make sure they won't be ruined during transport! You should allow upwards of 3 weeks for the product to arrive at your door as we're trying to keep the prices as low as possible. Keep in mind that we offer free shipping to the United States and Canada! See specific shipping times to your area in our shipping policy.